3 things…from another world.

Greetings and bleedings, one and all. May it be that you find this day shrouded in darkness, chilled with horror and bound by the supernatural that gives life to us all.

3 things…from another world.

First, a great howl from the netherworld to my family of fear. Grave times were had last evening with The Ghoul Cast​. We talked silent horror and some Italian Zombie gore. The new podcast will be posted soon, so pay attention! The cast from last evening was myself- Lucifer Fulci​- The amazing Jennifer Roe​ ( Horror expert and member of the Flint Horror Collective), and Paul Counelis​  ( Rue Morgue Magazine​ ). In our company was the always touchable, lovable Chris Ringler​ and my beloved, bloody bride, Scarah Stashko​. Also, for the first time, I had the pleasure of meeting an artist of horror in his own bloody right, Mr. Ryan Olson​. I had heard a lot about him from his sig other, Lady Jen, but finally got to meet him last evening. What a total connection! To find another blood brother. In fact, he reminded me a LOT of each one of us, but most particularly, of one of my all time favorite people, Loren Gillespie III​. By all means, if I could be some kind of horror ambassador, kindly meet one others, fellas!

It was a great time of terror. Please check it out when posted.

Secondly, If you had not seen, I will be appearing at the MOTOR CITY COMIC CON for the first time, this coming May 15,16,17. I will have all of the latest, gory goodies from my vault of vile morbidity, including but not limited to, copies of my CD SUPERNATURAL HORROR METAL, my two latest books, AZRATH the UNHOLY and MALEVOLENT and Lucifer’s Guide to the Italian Cannibal Film, shirts, buttons, more books, maggots, worms and copies of my new short film, THE HORROR STATION, on DVD, that will also showcase two of my latest lyric videos for the songs GODZILLA and NOSFERATU. Please stop by and pay me a visit!

Lastly and certainly not beastly, I want to send out special spell of gratitude to each and every one of you, fiends both old and new, for continued support and attentions. While I would still be bleeding out all sorts of the strange and unusual creations that blister my mind, without you, it would be with lessened fervor and a sad, bloody tear. I am always and ever grateful for you. Thank you for looking, listening and being the fascinating creatures that you are. You tempt me. You make me thirst. Surely, one day, we shall have to slice your skin and cook you alive…heh heh heh.

Here is my tribute to you for today.

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