Ghoulcast updates and more!

A ghoul and ghastly mourning, fiends and creatures. May this be a day of magic, music and morbid media!
Last night was amazing. Another spooky ” The Ghoul Cast ” has been completed with myself, the always cuddly Chris Ringler and the ever amusing and cute little guy called Paul. From this day, I shall often refer to him as CanniPaul Holocaust. Maybe Cannibal Paulocaust? haha. If you are interested, this podcast is done with a deep love for all things horror. It lasts about an hour for each episode and is always filled with great info,lots of laughter and great friendship between us and anyone that appears upon it. In the past, we have included the ever informative and wonderful Glen Birdsall– who schooled me on Hammer Films– and Jennifer Roe, who gave us all a great and informative schooling on Silent Horror films. The episode last night focused on the Found Footage subgenre of the horror film, as well as a tail end discussion of special features. It should be posted online very soon. If you are interested, just click the Ghoul Cast link above. We intend on doing a whole lot more with the podcast and hope that you will listen in.
On a more somber note, last night’s podcast is dedicated to AJ Pero, the drummer for TWISTED SISTER, who sadly passed away yesterday. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. I hope he is out there, somewhere, jamming with Cliff BurtonRandy Rhoads and Dimebag Darrell. Oh my GODS of METAL. Could you imagine THAT band, withRonnie James Dio on vocals? Wow. WOW.
Secondly, I wanted to give a bit of an update on some other things I have been doing.
I will NOT be appearing at the Motor City Comic Con. If you did not read my post earlier, the con decided against having me there. They said I would not be appropriate for what they have going on, which is cool, since they are a comic convention and I am a horror guy. It is all okay, and I will be back out there to see all of you at some point. I might be doing the DAYS of the DEAD in Indiana and might just be at some convention out there in California soon. It all depends on numbers. Such is life! All the same, you can always get my gory goodies at .
I still have lots of copies of my latest musical offering, SUPERNATURAL HORROR METAL, as well as my most recent books, AZRATH the UNHOLY and MALEVOLENT and Lucifer Fulci’s Guide to the Italian Cannibal Movie. They all come signed and sealed with a kill.
I will be releasing a DVD soon, too, that will contain my short film, THE HORROR STATION, as well as three lyric videos for the songs GODZILLA! NOSFERATU and the forthcoming video for THE EXORCIST. I will keep you all updated on that.
In the coming months, you will see the release of a new book on recovery, written, of course, by my real name, David Stashko. This new book is called ROADWAYS of RECOVERY and willbe available everywhere. You can also find a preview of it at if you search my David name. I am also shooting a short documentary on recovery in the Flint area and releasing that sometime before the end of the year. This is a little project after my own heart, as recovery in Flint saved my life. Flint often gets a bad wrap, but in fact, I work there and go to a lot of meetings there and it is awesome. I have met a lot of beautiful and talented people there…I want to show you some of them!
I will be doing some kind of book and film release parties, sure, but I do not know when, yet. When I know, you will know.
There are also some other spooky ideas brewing in this brain of mine, as ever. I look forward to sharing them with you. For now, however, I will be keeping them to myself. The only thing I can tell you is….well….as ever..
Oh! One more thing….from another world.
You heard me mention Paul Counelis earlier? Well, he has a new documentary coming out called VOICES of OCTOBER. It is about his long running, super awesome home Halloween Haunt. He has chosen to use some of my music in there. Please give it a look. So far, it looks awesome! Feel free to like the page Voices of October: Diary of a Halloween Home Haunt !THANK YOU!
If you want blood…You got it!


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