A moment in time

A brief love letter to both my wife, Sarah DeadGirl Stashko and to Sci Fi Horror itself.

“A moment in time”

The skies were blue and red, a mix of amazing movement and life that could have easily defined my love for her. It was a symphony just below the stars and far above my mortal head, but it was deep in my own dark heart, this adoration I had for her.

It was now and forever would be, the dance of some moonlight vision that had held me close to her heart. For as long as I knew her, this amazing woman I called Sea, I was alive, truly alive and welcoming to any of her ideas. For me, this love could know no wrong, and I went along with many a dastardly plan that she had concocted.

It was only a night ago that we had moved onward with some daring plan that would rid the world of a tyrant, drunk with power, and allow the amazing blue jewel from where, I knew not, to pass along to a better man. This man, however, knew nothing of our plan, but was sure to rejoice if he had any clue as to the gift we would be bearing.

Through darkness and swamp, we moved forward still, finding our way past many a demonic force, in place for the sole sake of protecting what supernatural thing lay low in the bowels of this tyrants cruel palace. With blades in hand and our goal in our eyes alone, we moved past such things from other worlds, staking our claim upon the jewel.

Our pathway was lit by the lights of the universe, by what we knew as Gaahd itself, for our meaning was pure and our goals were very close to the honest heart. It seemed that nothing and nobody would stop our forward movements. We believed that we were conquering some wild territory and this, our adventure coupled with romance and true love, would be something to share with children and grandchildren…those of the Sea and beyond the grave.

As  it happened, upon our claiming of this cosmic jewel, our collective pathway was interrupted, and our goal became littered with a sadness.

To my despair, my lady offered herself  to death, in exchange for my safe passage beyond the swamps return and for full flight away from failure.

It was then and still, now, that I wept a river, and could hardly breathe. I moved forward and knew by the winds of ever and the skies further yet, that we would always be one, beyond this flesh and bone. Although she had fallen to shadow and become one with the endless energies of the multi-universe,  we were still on this quest, and it was nearing success.

As I stand before the furthest clearing upon some dark and blissful mountains of madness, I see the dimensions crack. The blazing blue lights of my comrades call upon me and whist me away into safety, my heart broken, yet complete, for this wild task once developed by my lady Sea, was now finished.

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