Looking back – 2017

The bursting of chilled air wakes my senses and reminds me that another year has come to pass. The solstice has arrived and the time of dying time is upon us. What has this year gone by offered me? You? What has come to pass?

Some of the highlights of this past year have been the collection of fiendish family and friends that have, time and again, shown love and care for me and those around me. I am flattered to have such people in my life. Loving, caring, creative and sensitive folks who know that HORROR is best birthed from our fantastic minds. There is enough true horror in the world, each and every day, and the fictional scares and supernaturally cool lives that we can lead are a great distraction for such darkness.

2017 has allowed me to offer musics from my solo works as well as the band. Lords of October are happy to know that you loved the album EQUINOX! Such a great thing to be validated by amazing people. Thank you for the support. We have more videos, gigs and special offerings coming up this next year, too. Just wait! And the next album? Its a killer. A monster. It is something very special that we are stoked to create for you.

Same goes for all music I make. It has taken me a while to complete my current solo album, but that is not because I do not want to. It is because I am trying new textures, styles and sounds. I am inspired, but I am also learning more about production. My previous solo outings have had a poor quality to them, imho. This one is far better and has some nice guest appearances from some shredding masters. It is worth the wait, I say. I am in no hurry, anyways. Lords of October is my main music offering. I PROMISE that before the end of the year, you will hear another brutal tune of terror from the solo album. And it will be heavy!

Wormutanous was my fictional literary offering this year and again, I thank you for so much support. Its been great to be able to write again and travel to worlds unknown. I am near complete on a new book called “The Elder Thing” and will unleash that upon your eyes and fears in the early part of 2018. There are a couple of other literary works I will be offering, too, including an awesome Halloween book for the little ones that I have created with my forever queen, Scarah Stashko. She never ceases to amaze me.

So much more has happened, but my focus is today and in the future.

What I can say is this. If you keep living, I will keep working to scare and entertain you. I will take care of me, you take care of you and together? We might just be able to make it through another year with love intact.

All the beast,

Lucifer Fulci.

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The Gates of Hell

Ghouls! Goblins! Hell beasts and gorehounds! Thank you for your patience and all the support you have given me with my solo work and LORDS of OCTOBER! I adore your guts. I love your brainssssss….and I have more for you!
Right now TODAY, LORDS of OCTOBER are recording more on our second musical release! We are doing 5 or 6 songs at a time and allow them to sink into your flesh! Some of the songs on this new one are called “Monsters,” “Long Lost Soul,” “The Devil Also Dreams,” and the horror fan, crowd pleasing favorite written by our own Ace Freh….I mean, Aleister Kane- “Black Phillip.” We have also reworked a classic horror punk song for a new age of heavy…we cannot wait to scare it with you!
LORDS of OCTOBER are also playing a couple of benefit shows coming up in May of 2017. More info on that to follow!
In the meantime, I am completing work on my 10th solo album! Whoa. Its hard to believe so much time has passed since “Cthulhu Rising” came out…almost 9 years ago!
This new CD of mine is an entire tribute to the maestro of gore and zombie madness himself, Lucio Fulci! Each and every song shall bring you back into his world of horror and is made with an everlasting, ever loving honor to his memory and his work.
And the title to this one is easy.
“Lucifer. Fulci.”
See what I did there? heh.
I have all of the basics of the music recorded but have a lot of work to do on it once the Lords album is done and mixed. So, for now….I give you the one song that is finished so far.
This one features the beautiful and grinding guitar mastery of Andy Chavez from Haunted Garage and is called…

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Ghoulcast #11

When I was a young demon, the dark skies spoke to me. They said, “Ghoul things come to those who wait.” They were correct.

Many moons ago, I found a very wonderful group of ghouls that loved music, horror and the fantastic like I did. Out in the land of Lost Angels, we rallied and rumbled together and found our way out and around the cosmos of carnage with love holding our horror strong. Among those amazing people were awesome talents like Dinah CancerWalter PhelanJuan Sermeno,Allison GraceSevera MilesDez CadenaCleve A HallJohn FittererTiffany Love and a group of others…to both greater and lesser degrees. There are some that have stood the test of time and are family. Some have passed away and some have moved onward to different places and feelings, but there are some that will always remain closer to the heart. Jason Frey,Elvorian SpiveyDaemon Stashko…you are some of the most amazing people I will surely ever know. I love the all of you here. That is why I wanted to share this here.

This new ghoul cast is awesome. We- Chris Ringler (Author of many books with the most recent being DANNY FRANKENSTEIN) Paul Counelis (Writer for Rue Morgue and Halloween Machine and many books) and myself,Lucifer Fulci (if you do not know me by now, just go to www.LuciferFulci.comand read some of my fiction of hear my musics)-talk about “woods Horror” and fandom, among other silliness for about an hour. We have such a great time doing it and truly enjoy each others company. There is no filler, no BS, no drugs, alcohol or hatred happening here. We have opinions, feelings and honestly, try to be nothing but who we really are…which is why I feel that it works so well.

Having lived out in LA for over 20 years, I thought I would never find that feeling that we had together out there. But I have, here. Chris and Paul are the best of the best. I cannot say enough good things about the class and character of these two. I have found family here that I can only call a gift. In this wide, wacky world of horror and all other things, it is quite rare for me to find others that I would call family. Having known them now for about four years, I can honestly say that time has been spent and truly, ghoul things come to those who wait. Here we are and I could not be more grateful or happy.

We are surrounded by amazing friends and family, too. All the best. Mandie Sue RinglerZak Nuwanda RandolScarah StashkoLoren Gillespie III,Jennifer RoeGlen Birdsall…and many others that are still kind of new to me…wow. We are all truly fortunate.

Sure, this post might be surrounded by mushy, good feelers, but they are feelers that are truly cthulhlian tentacles and reach far beyond time and space.

Enough of this. Take the time to listen. And thank you for letting me share.


Lucifer Fulci.

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Ghoulcast updates and more!

A ghoul and ghastly mourning, fiends and creatures. May this be a day of magic, music and morbid media!
Last night was amazing. Another spooky ” The Ghoul Cast ” has been completed with myself, the always cuddly Chris Ringler and the ever amusing and cute little guy called Paul. From this day, I shall often refer to him as CanniPaul Holocaust. Maybe Cannibal Paulocaust? haha. If you are interested, this podcast is done with a deep love for all things horror. It lasts about an hour for each episode and is always filled with great info,lots of laughter and great friendship between us and anyone that appears upon it. In the past, we have included the ever informative and wonderful Glen Birdsall– who schooled me on Hammer Films– and Jennifer Roe, who gave us all a great and informative schooling on Silent Horror films. The episode last night focused on the Found Footage subgenre of the horror film, as well as a tail end discussion of special features. It should be posted online very soon. If you are interested, just click the Ghoul Cast link above. We intend on doing a whole lot more with the podcast and hope that you will listen in.
On a more somber note, last night’s podcast is dedicated to AJ Pero, the drummer for TWISTED SISTER, who sadly passed away yesterday. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. I hope he is out there, somewhere, jamming with Cliff BurtonRandy Rhoads and Dimebag Darrell. Oh my GODS of METAL. Could you imagine THAT band, withRonnie James Dio on vocals? Wow. WOW.
Secondly, I wanted to give a bit of an update on some other things I have been doing.
I will NOT be appearing at the Motor City Comic Con. If you did not read my post earlier, the con decided against having me there. They said I would not be appropriate for what they have going on, which is cool, since they are a comic convention and I am a horror guy. It is all okay, and I will be back out there to see all of you at some point. I might be doing the DAYS of the DEAD in Indiana and might just be at some convention out there in California soon. It all depends on numbers. Such is life! All the same, you can always get my gory goodies at www.LuciferFulci.com .
I still have lots of copies of my latest musical offering, SUPERNATURAL HORROR METAL, as well as my most recent books, AZRATH the UNHOLY and MALEVOLENT and Lucifer Fulci’s Guide to the Italian Cannibal Movie. They all come signed and sealed with a kill.
I will be releasing a DVD soon, too, that will contain my short film, THE HORROR STATION, as well as three lyric videos for the songs GODZILLA! NOSFERATU and the forthcoming video for THE EXORCIST. I will keep you all updated on that.
In the coming months, you will see the release of a new book on recovery, written, of course, by my real name, David Stashko. This new book is called ROADWAYS of RECOVERY and willbe available everywhere. You can also find a preview of it at Lulu.com if you search my David name. I am also shooting a short documentary on recovery in the Flint area and releasing that sometime before the end of the year. This is a little project after my own heart, as recovery in Flint saved my life. Flint often gets a bad wrap, but in fact, I work there and go to a lot of meetings there and it is awesome. I have met a lot of beautiful and talented people there…I want to show you some of them!
I will be doing some kind of book and film release parties, sure, but I do not know when, yet. When I know, you will know.
There are also some other spooky ideas brewing in this brain of mine, as ever. I look forward to sharing them with you. For now, however, I will be keeping them to myself. The only thing I can tell you is….well….as ever..
Oh! One more thing….from another world.
You heard me mention Paul Counelis earlier? Well, he has a new documentary coming out called VOICES of OCTOBER. It is about his long running, super awesome home Halloween Haunt. He has chosen to use some of my music in there. Please give it a look. So far, it looks awesome! Feel free to like the page Voices of October: Diary of a Halloween Home Haunt !THANK YOU!
If you want blood…You got it!


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3 things…from another world.

Greetings and bleedings, one and all. May it be that you find this day shrouded in darkness, chilled with horror and bound by the supernatural that gives life to us all.

3 things…from another world.

First, a great howl from the netherworld to my family of fear. Grave times were had last evening with The Ghoul Cast​. We talked silent horror and some Italian Zombie gore. The new podcast will be posted soon, so pay attention! The cast from last evening was myself- Lucifer Fulci​- The amazing Jennifer Roe​ ( Horror expert and member of the Flint Horror Collective), and Paul Counelis​  ( Rue Morgue Magazine​ ). In our company was the always touchable, lovable Chris Ringler​ and my beloved, bloody bride, Scarah Stashko​. Also, for the first time, I had the pleasure of meeting an artist of horror in his own bloody right, Mr. Ryan Olson​. I had heard a lot about him from his sig other, Lady Jen, but finally got to meet him last evening. What a total connection! To find another blood brother. In fact, he reminded me a LOT of each one of us, but most particularly, of one of my all time favorite people, Loren Gillespie III​. By all means, if I could be some kind of horror ambassador, kindly meet one others, fellas!

It was a great time of terror. Please check it out when posted.

Secondly, If you had not seen, I will be appearing at the MOTOR CITY COMIC CON for the first time, this coming May 15,16,17. I will have all of the latest, gory goodies from my vault of vile morbidity, including but not limited to, copies of my CD SUPERNATURAL HORROR METAL, my two latest books, AZRATH the UNHOLY and MALEVOLENT and Lucifer’s Guide to the Italian Cannibal Film, shirts, buttons, more books, maggots, worms and copies of my new short film, THE HORROR STATION, on DVD, that will also showcase two of my latest lyric videos for the songs GODZILLA and NOSFERATU. Please stop by and pay me a visit!

Lastly and certainly not beastly, I want to send out special spell of gratitude to each and every one of you, fiends both old and new, for continued support and attentions. While I would still be bleeding out all sorts of the strange and unusual creations that blister my mind, without you, it would be with lessened fervor and a sad, bloody tear. I am always and ever grateful for you. Thank you for looking, listening and being the fascinating creatures that you are. You tempt me. You make me thirst. Surely, one day, we shall have to slice your skin and cook you alive…heh heh heh.

Here is my tribute to you for today.

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Flint Horror Convention #4

Join Lucifer Fulci and a host of other ghouls at the 4th annual Flint Horror Convention October 25, 2014 @ the Riverfront Banquet Center in Downtown Flint!


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Lucifer Fulci Author Profile @ Trauma Central

Flintspired Writer: Lucifer Fulci/David Stashko

While some people can place a foot in two separate worlds, few can match writer Lucifer Fulci/David Stashko’s ability to thrive equally in each . At all times, Fulci/Stashko, resides in one realm as dark as evil itself, while basking in another that shines with the light of a life redeemed. Whatever he’s writing – and whatever name he’s writing it under – he attacks his work with a sensibility that can best be described as unflinching. Nothing is taboo or out of bounds, and this visceral, instinctive approach is what makes him a fresh voice in the writing world, both Flintspired and beyond …

In his given name of David Stashko, he has penned two novels that chronicle the 12 monumental steps he’s taken in an arduous journey to free himself of chemical dependency. At times humorous, confrontational, and soul-searching, these accounts are filled with Stashko’s ability to be honest with himself and his former life. Throughout both pieces, he makes no demands upon his reader, as he acknowledges that the truths he’s learned from his experiences are his and his alone to bear. That said, observing the shadows of David’s former life offers lessons from which anyone and everyone can learn.

Read Full Article @ Trauma Central

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Review of Lucifer Fulci’s Guide to the Italian Cannibal Film

Review: From Morpheus Tales (pg 23)

Straight to the point in the title, this is an overview of Italian Cannibal films primarily from the 11970’s and 1980’s with a few examples before and after those decades. Lucifer gives skeleton personnel and production data in advance of each film. He not only covers the usual suspects like Cannibal Ferrox and Cannibal Holocaust, but Emmanuelle and the Last Cannibals (aka Trap Them and Eat Them)

As in previously reviewed works of Lucifer Fulci, the meat of the book is in the personal observations and reminiscences of discovering each film and his opinion on what worked and what did not in each. If you just want dry summaries of a pile of movies, you can go online and bore yourself. The passion for horror is shown here and invokes the spirit of Chas Balun in pulling no punches. The formatting and editing have definitely improved since the Chunkblowers book from last year, which serves to help focus on the materials rather than the oddities in presentation.

This Guide is very much a niche book in a niche genre. If you have zero interest in Italian cannibal films then this book shall not appeal to you unless you are a fan of the author. This slim volume is a companion to the extant cannibal filmographies and is recommended for the very distinct voice of the author.

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Flint Art Walk

On Friday July 11 from 6-8 pm, I will be at the Flint Art Walk at the MLive area on Saginaw Street. I will have copies of my new book- “Lucifer Fulci’s guide to the Italian Cannibal Film” for sale, along with some of my other books. Joining me will be my fellow freaks and horror authors from the Flint Horror Con, Chris RinglerPaul Counelis and a new face to our usual band of ghouls, the awesome Roxanne Rhoads. Come pay us a visit!


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A moment in time

A brief love letter to both my wife, Sarah DeadGirl Stashko and to Sci Fi Horror itself.

“A moment in time”

The skies were blue and red, a mix of amazing movement and life that could have easily defined my love for her. It was a symphony just below the stars and far above my mortal head, but it was deep in my own dark heart, this adoration I had for her.

It was now and forever would be, the dance of some moonlight vision that had held me close to her heart. For as long as I knew her, this amazing woman I called Sea, I was alive, truly alive and welcoming to any of her ideas. For me, this love could know no wrong, and I went along with many a dastardly plan that she had concocted.

It was only a night ago that we had moved onward with some daring plan that would rid the world of a tyrant, drunk with power, and allow the amazing blue jewel from where, I knew not, to pass along to a better man. This man, however, knew nothing of our plan, but was sure to rejoice if he had any clue as to the gift we would be bearing.

Through darkness and swamp, we moved forward still, finding our way past many a demonic force, in place for the sole sake of protecting what supernatural thing lay low in the bowels of this tyrants cruel palace. With blades in hand and our goal in our eyes alone, we moved past such things from other worlds, staking our claim upon the jewel.

Our pathway was lit by the lights of the universe, by what we knew as Gaahd itself, for our meaning was pure and our goals were very close to the honest heart. It seemed that nothing and nobody would stop our forward movements. We believed that we were conquering some wild territory and this, our adventure coupled with romance and true love, would be something to share with children and grandchildren…those of the Sea and beyond the grave.

As  it happened, upon our claiming of this cosmic jewel, our collective pathway was interrupted, and our goal became littered with a sadness.

To my despair, my lady offered herself  to death, in exchange for my safe passage beyond the swamps return and for full flight away from failure.

It was then and still, now, that I wept a river, and could hardly breathe. I moved forward and knew by the winds of ever and the skies further yet, that we would always be one, beyond this flesh and bone. Although she had fallen to shadow and become one with the endless energies of the multi-universe,  we were still on this quest, and it was nearing success.

As I stand before the furthest clearing upon some dark and blissful mountains of madness, I see the dimensions crack. The blazing blue lights of my comrades call upon me and whist me away into safety, my heart broken, yet complete, for this wild task once developed by my lady Sea, was now finished.

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