A Night of Horror Fiction with Lucifer Fulci, Chris Ringler and Paul Counelis!

We will be reading from our works of Horror fiction on this night, December 7, 2013, at the LUNCH STUDIO. Books will be on hand to sell and to be given away…but most importantly, it is a FREE event and there will be food there in case anyone cares to dine during this event. I MIGHT even bring along a guitar for my portion and serenade the audience with something frightful and haunting.

readingSo, come one..come all! I dare you! A night of HORROR FICTION from Chris Ringler, Paul Counelis and myself, Lucifer Fulci.

Welcome to a place insane…where horror calls your name. Witness a bloodbath…a place of terror and unholy wrath.

Witness a night of Horror fiction with three of the Terror Titans that help bring to life the Flint Horror Convention!

Authors Lucifer Fulci, Chris Ringler and Paul Counelis will be reading from their works of horror fiction on December 7, 2013 at THE LUNCH STUDIO from 7-9 PM. While all ages are welcome, not all of what is being read is intended for children. BEWARE!

The chill of winter is in the air…let it run up your spine if you dare!

Please join us for food, frights and horror fiction!


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Flint Horror Con October 19

Flint Horror Con 2013 SHOW POSTERGreetings, bleedings and ghoul evening.
THIS October 19, I will be signing my books, CDs and other gory goodies at the Flint Horror Con from 1 PM- 5 PM. The event takes place at the Masonic Temple on Saginaw road in Flint and is only 10 bucks per ticket for the all day event! I will be appearing there alongside awesome horror film and morbid media guests such as John Amplas, ( MARTIN, DAY of the DEAD, CREEPSHOW ) Debbie Rochon, ( Theater Bizzare, among MANY others ) and Mike Mundy ( THE WALKING DEAD ) among others.

My latest books are “Open Mind, Open Talk: Movements of the Spirit” and “Siki City 2666” ( with images by Loren Gillespie III – who will also be appearing with Paul Counelis, promoting their awesome new Graphic Novel called “Jack and the Devil.”) which will be for sale at the convention. I might have copies of my new EP of haunting Halloween music for monsters called “Season of the Witch” if they get back from press before then. If not, I can take orders there!

…and if you are feeling extra spooky, feel free to come to the MISFITS show at Harpos in Detroit after the convention and hang out with me and the ghouls from the band, Jerry Only, Dez Cadena and Eric Arce. The show they put on is NOT TO BE MISSED!

Check out the link below for my authors spotlight page at lulu.com, where you can see all of my books for sale.

Hope to see you all at the convention on October 19! The Flint Horror Con has returned!

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Lucifer Fulci @ Sweet Creek Horror Convention

Find out more Here

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Supernatural Nova

Demo of the song ” Supernatural Nova” from the forthcoming, as of yet untitled CD by Lucifer Fulci.

Take a look to the skies, beyond the darkness
Take a look in my eyes, dark worlds within
Immoral Immortality
Never dying, ever awake and living

We are the stars immortal
Burning bright even in death
Supernatural nova lies within us all
It breathes life to our empty soul

We are the fires in the sky
The dust of life within flesh
We are the fires of time and space
Our souls everlasting, Ever lasting death

Gaze further to the dark skies, look far and beyond
Find the worlds within yourself and without
Every soul has a balance, heaven and hell
Every man has a price, every soul to sell

Free yourself from the bondage of flesh.
Free yourself from the dream of death
Free yourself from the lies told right before your eyes

Free yourself from the prison of flesh
Free yourself from the idea of death
Free yourself from the fiction of your masters

Free yourself from the sorrow of the soul
Free yourself from all the control’
Take a seat at the right hand of light

Take a stand for all that is right
For will, for love for might
Take a stand and be true to thy self

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Lucifer Fulci joins forces with The Flint Horror Convention!


April 17, 2013

Lucifer Fulci joins forces with The Flint Horror Convention!

Lucifer Fulci is best known for his work in the horror genre. Whether it is the written word (He has authored various books that have been noted at “some of the goriest works of fiction known to humankind” and has written for various horror zines.) , the music he writes (he was bassist for Death Rock legends Penis Flytrap and now records under his own solo moniker) or the various appearances he has made in television and film (Lucifer has recently been tapped to contribute to the up and coming show “Halls of Horror” by the Monster Man, Cleve Hall), he has left a bloody mark on anything he creates.

Most recently, Lucifer has been welcomed to the platform of the convention circuit by the Flint Horror Convention as an Official Coordinator. Back in April of 2002, Fulci put on his own multi-media horror convention in Los Angeles called “Splatterpalooza.” He will bring his knowledge and connections to Flint’s one and only horror convention, now in it’s third year.

The next Flint Horror Convention takes places on October 19, 2013 and will feature various guests, dealers and events throughout the day.

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Halls of Horror

Lucifer Fulci Sountrack for Halls of HorrorWe all love monsters, aliens, and scary stories.  Great shows from the past like the Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, Night Gallery , brought us weekly campy horror chills, and it’s time for a return to that format. Now, one of the modern masters of Horror is going to give you what you want. A monster you can reach out and TOUCH! And, A season of horror featuring what could be tomorrow’s biggest stars, and maybe a few surprise guest stars.

HALLS OF HORROR is pleased to announce the addition of composer LUCIFER FULCI to our team! He will be creating the Aural Assaults to accompany our Visceral Visuals for each episode! Please share this with your Fiends!

Read More – Get involved

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Lucifer Fulci Featered on Examiner.com

Review of Samhain CD and Book by Paul Counelis

Read Here

Lucifer Fulci is the scary alter ego of the terrifyingly creative David Stashko. His love for horror and creative energy seemingly knows no bounds, and his most recent project cements his status as one of the genre’s consistently interesting personalities.

With the release of Samhain before Halloween of 2012, Fulci has crafted another in a long line of spooky projects, from his days as the bassist/songwriter for punk legends Penis Flytrap right on through to his own ethereal and promising solo work.

This time around, Fulci, along with the like-minded artist Loren Gillespie III, has crafted a companion book to go with his musical effort. And both CD and book are very, very good indeed.

With tracks varying from the haunting “Autumn Ballad” to the ultra creepy metallic “Matoole”, Samhain is the portrait of an artist at the top of his creative game…inspired, relevant and capturing the dark spirit of the Halloween season and the horror genre in general. This is focused stuff, creatively rippling with the moodiness of a chilly fall midnight.

The book serves as a perfect accomplice to the music; with Fulci’s heady and affecting short stories, poetry and lyrics sprinkled with the excellent, relentless artwork of Gillespie. It’s a complement that works extremely well.

The project can be ordered from http://www.luciferfulci.com, where you can also take a look at the other chilling Fulci offerings – genre inspired CDs and books that will make even the most hardcore horror fan content for hours of spectral entertainment.

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Matoole By Lucifer Fulci

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Flint Horror Con

October 20 is right around the corner of carnage! Come and witness me, along with my putrid pals, Dr. Satan ( Walter Phelan ) and the Monster Man, Cleve Hall, doing what we love to do…living the life of horror! We will all have stuff to sign, sell and slaughter! Be sure to check out my new CD, “Samhain” by Lucifer Fulci, and its companion book with original short stories and some awesome artwork by Loren Gillespie 3. This will be a time of terror!

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“Samhain” by Lucifer Fulci. 2012

Now available $10 The companion novel will come along with it on October 20.

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