Chunkblowers that splattered the worldHere is a review of my new book –

Chunkblowers that splattered the world: The fright films that changed the face of the horror genre by covering it in slime, guts and blood.”

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– by Loren Gillespie ( Rebirth of Mercy )

My full review of my best friend David (Lucifer Fulci) Stashko’s new book, “Chunkblowers that Splattered the World” (available for purchase on LULU.COM):

“Wow… Remember when you used to get a bunch of friends (or one special friend) together late at night, with popcorn, pizza and caffeine soda in hand, all of you hyper active up the ying-yang… as you watched gory, nasty, freaky horror flicks all night?

Well if you do remember such times, and you love to look back upon such fond memories and debate the merits of all the disgusting horror films that you and your friends inflicted upon one another, then this book was written especially for you (or for me in this case). I love horror flicks, but especially the gory splattery kind- the kind that really make your stomach turn and the junk-food bile rise up uncontrollably in your throat during certain scenes that you just have to rewind and watch over and over, cackling with manic glee at the depraved special effects on the screen! That’s what makes a good “chunkblower”, and Mr. Lucifer Fulci has listed some doozies here in his new book : Chunkblowers that splattered the world. I am impressed. While reading this book, I felt like a 13 year old kid again, up too late on those dark nights, glued to the TV with remote control in hand… and I remember now the aftermath of such viewings, in which best friends who have just shared a sacred rite of passage into the splatterific-chunkblower realm of the instant masters of horror debate the merits of these sticky little films and the qualities inherently infused by the artists that created the effects, and which of the films we liked best and why! Who had the best taste in the worst of gory cinema? I thought I did, back in the day. But no, it seems Lucifer Fulci actually has the best taste in the worst that gory horror flicks have to offer, as his book so boldly shows us with each rabidly obsessed review. Some I agree with, and some I do not (not ENTIRELY, anyway). It’s just like those nostalgic days so long ago, when the nights lasted forever, and the rubber reality of gory flicks could make me an instant expert on what was gross, what was good, and what was garbage. It’s a fun read and it’s a fun genre. How can anyone deny the wicked, giddy satisfaction of reliving these gory nasties for the first time again through another obsessed horror fan’s eyes? I had a lot of fun reading it and reminiscing. As should any true gorehound.

So if you do consider yourself a true splatterpunk, or an expert of the profane, or especially a gore-geek (like me)– THEN READ THIS BOOK! And do be careful, it get’s sticky when wet!”

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