Ghoulcast #11

When I was a young demon, the dark skies spoke to me. They said, “Ghoul things come to those who wait.” They were correct.

Many moons ago, I found a very wonderful group of ghouls that loved music, horror and the fantastic like I did. Out in the land of Lost Angels, we rallied and rumbled together and found our way out and around the cosmos of carnage with love holding our horror strong. Among those amazing people were awesome talents like Dinah CancerWalter PhelanJuan Sermeno,Allison GraceSevera MilesDez CadenaCleve A HallJohn FittererTiffany Love and a group of others…to both greater and lesser degrees. There are some that have stood the test of time and are family. Some have passed away and some have moved onward to different places and feelings, but there are some that will always remain closer to the heart. Jason Frey,Elvorian SpiveyDaemon Stashko…you are some of the most amazing people I will surely ever know. I love the all of you here. That is why I wanted to share this here.

This new ghoul cast is awesome. We- Chris Ringler (Author of many books with the most recent being DANNY FRANKENSTEIN) Paul Counelis (Writer for Rue Morgue and Halloween Machine and many books) and myself,Lucifer Fulci (if you do not know me by now, just go to www.LuciferFulci.comand read some of my fiction of hear my musics)-talk about “woods Horror” and fandom, among other silliness for about an hour. We have such a great time doing it and truly enjoy each others company. There is no filler, no BS, no drugs, alcohol or hatred happening here. We have opinions, feelings and honestly, try to be nothing but who we really are…which is why I feel that it works so well.

Having lived out in LA for over 20 years, I thought I would never find that feeling that we had together out there. But I have, here. Chris and Paul are the best of the best. I cannot say enough good things about the class and character of these two. I have found family here that I can only call a gift. In this wide, wacky world of horror and all other things, it is quite rare for me to find others that I would call family. Having known them now for about four years, I can honestly say that time has been spent and truly, ghoul things come to those who wait. Here we are and I could not be more grateful or happy.

We are surrounded by amazing friends and family, too. All the best. Mandie Sue RinglerZak Nuwanda RandolScarah StashkoLoren Gillespie III,Jennifer RoeGlen Birdsall…and many others that are still kind of new to me…wow. We are all truly fortunate.

Sure, this post might be surrounded by mushy, good feelers, but they are feelers that are truly cthulhlian tentacles and reach far beyond time and space.

Enough of this. Take the time to listen. And thank you for letting me share.


Lucifer Fulci.

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