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Flintspired Writer: Lucifer Fulci/David Stashko

While some people can place a foot in two separate worlds, few can match writer Lucifer Fulci/David Stashko’s ability to thrive equally in each . At all times, Fulci/Stashko, resides in one realm as dark as evil itself, while basking in another that shines with the light of a life redeemed. Whatever he’s writing – and whatever name he’s writing it under – he attacks his work with a sensibility that can best be described as unflinching. Nothing is taboo or out of bounds, and this visceral, instinctive approach is what makes him a fresh voice in the writing world, both Flintspired and beyond …

In his given name of David Stashko, he has penned two novels that chronicle the 12 monumental steps he’s taken in an arduous journey to free himself of chemical dependency. At times humorous, confrontational, and soul-searching, these accounts are filled with Stashko’s ability to be honest with himself and his former life. Throughout both pieces, he makes no demands upon his reader, as he acknowledges that the truths he’s learned from his experiences are his and his alone to bear. That said, observing the shadows of David’s former life offers lessons from which anyone and everyone can learn.

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