Lucifer Fulci Merchandise

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Lucifer - By Lucifer Fulci  Supernatural Horror Metal By Lucifer Fulci  Season of the Witch - By Lucifer Fulci  Aurora - By Lucifer Fulci  Samhain - By Lucifer Fulci  Morbid Mechanics - By Lucifer Fulci  Evilution - By Lucifer Fulci  The Wormfood Cthulhu Trilogy by Lucifer Fulci

Lords of October

Lords of October  Equinox by the lords of october

Books By Lucifer Fulci

A collection of horror by Lucifer Fulci.  SAMHAIN! By Lucifer Fulci and Loren Gillespie  Lucifer Fulci's Guide to the Italian Cannibal Film!  A Collection of Horror Book 1 By Lucifer Fulci  The Elder Thing By Lucifer Fulci  SIKI CITY 2666 By Lucifer Fulci  Azrath the Unholy and Malevolent By Lucifer Fulci  Chunkblowers that splattered the world: The Fright Films that changed the face of the Horror genre by covering it in slime, guts and blood By Lucifer Fulci

Books By David Stashko

The Halloween Society By David Stashko  The Night Before Halloween By David Stashko  Open Mind, Open Talk by David Stashko  A Diary of Sobriety By David Stashko  Roadways of Recovery By David Stashko


Hats And Shirts $20 – Contact Lucifer directly @ for payment and shipping info!

Lords Of October Shirts

$15 each – Contact Lucifer directly @ for payment and shipping info!



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