The Fulci Music Project offers a variety of musical flavors, each inspired from Lucifer’s dreams. At one end there are the sounds of nightmares, beckoning us to take a deeper look into our own twisted visions. Somewhere in the middle there lies the beauty of dreams realized and of the feelings of movement in music itself. Far off in a place where the present meets the future there are the sounds of the mechanically relevant and the robotically weird. Regardless of where you might find your listening pleasures, The Fulci Music Project asks you to consider its sounds.

Mechanthulhu from Morbid Mechanics
Fulci Music Project- Mechanthulu

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Track Listing:
1. Planet Satan
2. Robot Zombie
3. Mechanthulhu
4. Fire in the Sky
5. Hell on Earth
6. Killbot
7. Morbid-Mechanical-Cannibal
8. Machine Girl
9. Another World
10 Biollante
11. Aurora*
* Aurora is a preview of the next album of the same name from the Fulci Music Project

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