Penis FlytrapPenis FlytrapPenis Flytrap was originally formed as a simple, three piece punk rock band that included Elvorian Von Spivey on Guitars, Hal Satan on Drums and Lucifer Fulci on Bass. It slowly evolved into an all horror music four piece when 45 Grave Vocalist Dinah Cancer joined the outfit. What followed became a tour de force of the Horror Punk scene. Penis Flytrap ( also known as PFT ) played with the gore drenched contemporaries GWAR and The Misfits as well as many others before disbanding in 2004. While many  have requested a reunion of the original band, fans will have to make due with the morbid memories that haunt them for now….

The Dead Hate the Living from Dismemberment
Penis Flytrap - The Dead Hate the Living

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