Review of Lucifer Fulci’s Guide to the Italian Cannibal Film

Review: From Morpheus Tales (pg 23)

Straight to the point in the title, this is an overview of Italian Cannibal films primarily from the 11970’s and 1980’s with a few examples before and after those decades. Lucifer gives skeleton personnel and production data in advance of each film. He not only covers the usual suspects like Cannibal Ferrox and Cannibal Holocaust, but Emmanuelle and the Last Cannibals (aka Trap Them and Eat Them)

As in previously reviewed works of Lucifer Fulci, the meat of the book is in the personal observations and reminiscences of discovering each film and his opinion on what worked and what did not in each. If you just want dry summaries of a pile of movies, you can go online and bore yourself. The passion for horror is shown here and invokes the spirit of Chas Balun in pulling no punches. The formatting and editing have definitely improved since the Chunkblowers book from last year, which serves to help focus on the materials rather than the oddities in presentation.

This Guide is very much a niche book in a niche genre. If you have zero interest in Italian cannibal films then this book shall not appeal to you unless you are a fan of the author. This slim volume is a companion to the extant cannibal filmographies and is recommended for the very distinct voice of the author.

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