Something SwampFrom an upcoming collection of short stories

Frankie’s blackened eyes popped open. They were still swollen from the bitch beat down that her useless boyfriend gave her from the day before. She really hated him, but deep down she knew that her life would be even more empty without him and his stained wife beater. He used to be a nice guy, back when he still used his real name. William is what it used to be. Today, everyone knew him as Angry Bill.
Where was that dickhead anyways..and where was she?
She could hardly remember what had happened last night. Everyone at the shit hole was wasted and almost passed the fuck out when there was a loud noise. Last thing that Frankie could recall was that she put her glass down and saw that there was still almost a full sized joint ready to burn. It was getting a little wet, just sitting there on the table with all the splashing going around. It was a small party for a Saturday night, but it was nothing new to her. This shit was happening all the time now. Since she got her settlement from her old job, it was always a party and the money was going fucking fast.
Money…where was her purse…or better yet, where the hell was she again?
Her right eye was still stinging, but it could see just as good as the left, which was still getting worse and worse as time moved on. Some kinda infection, but she would get to that later. One of these days, she guessed.
She was surrounded by the woods. This was nothing new, since she lived around them most of her life, but the weather felt strange. It was much warmer than it was before, and there was a strange smell in the air. What was that? It smelled like old and rotted food. And fishy.
When the moment came that she could finally feel her brain starting to work again, Frankie gathered her ground. She was nowhere that she recognized and she began to feel afraid. Sure, she had woken up with strangers in her bed before after long nights of partying, but she had never come to in the woods somewhere. Had she been raped?
She looked down at herself and touched between her legs. No blood. Nothing hurt. She was in tiny shorts that let her plump and round bum hang out, but they were her own. She had them on last night, too. Her top was the same. Wife beater on the wife. No bra. Her boobs were large and round, something succulent that she actually liked about herself. It was too bad that she would let them do the talking for her instead of her heart at times. She was a gorgeous woman, truth be told, but she very rarely felt that way. Her sweaty body glistened, but there was a smell. That was not the stink that burned her nostrils, though. It was something else. Something was on her skin. What the hell?
Frankie gazed about. The green was thick and hard to find a spot that might lead somewhere. No real trails anywhere. Just a fucking stinky ass swamp. Left and right, there was nothing that piqued her interest.
The larger sun was high and the buzz of annoying insects was loud and about her. The smallest of the three stars was still hidden and its bigger brother was within sight, but not burning as much as it did some other days. Still, the main ball of fire was doing its job. It was hot. It was going to be getting hotter. Frankie still had her eye shields inside her bright, blue, beautiful orbs, and this would surely keep the rays from disturbing her too much.
“Fuck this,” she said, and then began to walk. She gave her 5/8” gauges in her left ear a little twist and on came the tunes in her head. She was irritable, but she could let things go pretty easy if she had the right tunes in her ears. Today, she was taking in the latest dose of extreme metal from the Meridian Galaxy. The artist was called Kraken. A sort of tribute to the mythological creature from Earthen tales.
The tune was heavy, deep and brutal. The voices were dissonant, toned in evil thirds and in an alien language that she could not begin to understand, but damn. It was cool.
Frankie was walking for some time when she stopped to take a breather. Her body was covered in sweat. That strange smell that was on her skin was almost gone. Only body odor now, and the smell of some kind of chemical drugs were seeping out of her flesh. She could use a boost of energy right now. A hot fix that would burn her nose and then maybe an ice cold brew. She started to think about the makeup sex with Bill.
Wait. Movement from the left. The trees were thrashing towards her direction. Frankie made a fist. Wait. Wait for it…another moment.
A woman? A blonde woman, bleeding from her chest, running without shoes. She was in tears and afraid for her life. What was this? Frankie stood fast. She was ready for something. Anything.
The blonde woman ran right by her. She screamed at Frankie. “Run!”
Stunned for a moment, Frankie took a breath and noticed that there was something following her from a little further back. It was coming through the woods like rapid fire and it was fucking relentless. Yeah. It was time to fucking run.
Her breath was heavy after only a moment or two. Fucking cigarettes. Still, she kept running. She was moving, for sure, and almost catching up to this bleach blonde stranger that had flew by her just a a few minutes ago.
“What the fuck is going on here?” Frankie shouted as she attempted to gather some kind of attention from the stranger. “ Why are we running?”
The blonde looked back at her with tears in her eyes and whimpered as she moved. “Its a rabid fucking galdoon!”
Frankie stepped on something sharp, but she did not stop, even if she had NO CLUE what the hell a galdoon was!
As the two women raced, Frankie’s foot began to bleed even more. She must have cut it open something fucked, because even with all the adrenalin happening, she could feel a massive sting and began to notice a trail of crimson splashing each time she jammed further on. Must be a deep fucking gash.
The galdoon snorted ferociously and exhaled some kind of hell from its six massive nostrils. It slithered madly on its many tree trunk like tentacles that smashed the shrubbery before it. The twenty eyes in its head looked both forward and behind, angered at its massive hunger for female flesh. How it was tortured from its thirst! From deep and within its small, black heart, it felt a cry of war against these puny beings that attempted to escape its mighty grasp. It wanted to eat them, plain and simple. It longed for the chunky, bloody meat that would simmer between its gums. It was aroused at the thought of the tiny squeals that would escape their dying lips.
Its eyes widened and it howled! The massive tentacles pushed harder and harder. It was gaining on the women fast. It would surely have its dinner.
The blonde woman stepped in a massive hole that had been hidden from her tear filled eyes. Her body fell some twenty feet and cracked against a group of wooden spikes that were set as a trap for one of the beasts. It caught the prey instead. Blood cascaded down the angry points of the spears and her insides began to decorate the sides of the muddy pit they were buried in. She had been impaled and was dying….slowly. Faint gurgles came from her throat. The sound of life was escaping her fast.
Frankie screamed. She stopped for a split second and then began to climb up the tree in front of her. It was not happening. She began to cry. Hard. She moved to the rear of the tree, as if she might just be able to hide from the massive thing. She tried not to breathe. Not one sound. Quiet as a mouse.
The thing slid to a harsh stop upon the green grounds before it. It looked below to the pit and snarled. Its massive, black tongue began to slither down towards the scent of the fresh blood. Its strange, glowing eyes began to whirl about in some kind of alien ecstasy. It began to lick and slurp away at the frothing sickness that was death.
Then, the red dot appeared. It was a large dot, about the size of a human head. It laid rested and steady upon the misshapen skull of the beast. Behind it, an alien marksman from the outer limits. A place where life is born to kill…and eat. One thought bounced around his mind before he took the killing shot.

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