Siki CitySiki City by Lucifer FulciThe novel of gore from Lucifer Fulci
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The world is a delicate place. People are sensitive and very impressionable. Just look at what is going on around us. Children have weak minds and they can be cohered into committing unspeakable (but obviously committable acts). Who is to blame when our children kill: horror literature. But the respectable horrors like Poe or Charles Dickens? No, horror that shows graphic violence and hard-core fornication.
Personally, I could not give a crap about those people and completely disagree with their views…and neither could Lucifer Fulci.
Siki City is a refreshing contribution to the world of horror. I read this book during my lunch break and I started to worry if I made a mistake. Fear not, my food remained down, but it was not from lack of trying. This book is sick from page one. It opens up with a necrophiliac having her way with a stiff (heh heh) corps and from there it is all down hill. A symphony of intense horror.
That is not to say that this book doesn’t have a story. Behold:
An ancient, formless, nameless evil is on its way to Siki City. Like all things evil, it needs a form to complete its purpose. So, it calls together a motley crew of degenerate degenerates. There is Allison, a corps-fucker; Billy, a child-killing cannibal; Patrick, a butt-fucking grave robber; and two young lovers named Chris and Nat (Natalie), refugees of a satanic cult. We follow these characters doing what we could never dream of ACTUALLY doing (because we are balanced individuals) as they move closer to Siki City.
What is at the end of the rainbow?
You will have to read to find out.
Is this just horror-porn?
Surprisingly, no.
The story is simple and the ending is very Christian. There are no heroes here, so don’t bother looking. I get the sense that there is more to this story, possibly a trilogy. Maybe I’m just hoping.
Lucifer Fulci claims not to be a writer. He is delusional. If you take away all the gore and sex, there is something being ‘said.’ He is a writer. Siki City got my attention now do what you will Lucifer.
(NOTE: From what I can tell, this book is not available though mainstream outlet as of yet, so here is how you can get it. Make check or money order payable to HACKER’S SOURCE, PO BOX 3243, PASADENA, TEXAS, 77501-3243)
Hacker’s Source
Review by Mike Purfield

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