Supernatural Horror-Metal

Supernatural-Horror-Metal“Supernatural Horror Metal” is the 11th musical release from Lucifer Fulci since his days with Deathrock/Horror Punk legends Penis Flytrap. This new album is the child of both horror punk and supernatural metal, with quick, aggressive and heavy songs that celebrate genre of Horror. All music was written and performed by Lucifer Fulci, with his wife, Sarah, handling many aspects of the artistic production. Recorded since the beginning of 2014, it is due for a Halloween release.

Of the 10 songs included on this release, there are 8 that pull no punches and get straight to the point of aggression, while the other 2 play in the fields of the acoustic instrumental and horror film soundtrack proper. .

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Lyric Video for Godzilla

Lyric Video for Nosferatu

Video by Scarah Stashko

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