The Gates of Hell

Ghouls! Goblins! Hell beasts and gorehounds! Thank you for your patience and all the support you have given me with my solo work and LORDS of OCTOBER! I adore your guts. I love your brainssssss….and I have more for you!
Right now TODAY, LORDS of OCTOBER are recording more on our second musical release! We are doing 5 or 6 songs at a time and allow them to sink into your flesh! Some of the songs on this new one are called “Monsters,” “Long Lost Soul,” “The Devil Also Dreams,” and the horror fan, crowd pleasing favorite written by our own Ace Freh….I mean, Aleister Kane- “Black Phillip.” We have also reworked a classic horror punk song for a new age of heavy…we cannot wait to scare it with you!
LORDS of OCTOBER are also playing a couple of benefit shows coming up in May of 2017. More info on that to follow!
In the meantime, I am completing work on my 10th solo album! Whoa. Its hard to believe so much time has passed since “Cthulhu Rising” came out…almost 9 years ago!
This new CD of mine is an entire tribute to the maestro of gore and zombie madness himself, Lucio Fulci! Each and every song shall bring you back into his world of horror and is made with an everlasting, ever loving honor to his memory and his work.
And the title to this one is easy.
“Lucifer. Fulci.”
See what I did there? heh.
I have all of the basics of the music recorded but have a lot of work to do on it once the Lords album is done and mixed. So, for now….I give you the one song that is finished so far.
This one features the beautiful and grinding guitar mastery of Andy Chavez from Haunted Garage and is called…

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