Flytrap Grand Guignol Lucifer Fulci and Suspiria Strange headline this band of ghouls that offer morbid musical madness that pays homage to the sights and sounds of all things Horror! If you like music made for monsters, then give a listen to FLYTRAP. It will take you on a terror filled trip from the Grand Guignol to the outer realms of the future fear!
New from The Grand Guignol
Lucifer Fulci - Daemonica Daemonicus
Ed Gein from The Grand Guignol
Flytrap - Ed Gein

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Track List

1. The Mad Barber
2. The Grand Guignol
3. Ed Gein
4. Raw Meat
5. Daemonia Daemonicus
6. If You Want Blood
7. Lycanthrope
8. Bathory (The Blood Queen)
9. Say You Love Satan
10. Spiderella
11. The Grand Guignol (Acoustic)
12. Ed Gein (Acoustic)
13. The Devil’s Blues (Acoustic)

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